Monday, December 15, 2008

Thoughts and a letter from your toddler....

Greetings, from me and my blog to my friends/Sisters.........

I thought this week, we would take a break and I would share something else that I have in my heart...just some thoughts....

This is called,

"A letter from your toddler"..

I am your little 3 year old boy, and I am thinking I could share some things with you mom.

First, I would like to say, be a happy mother! When I see your furrowed brow and your face covered with tension, dissappointment and displeasure, I worry myself that I did something and yet again, and I may have. then, I want to ask and may..."Did I do something, mom?"

Sometimes you tell me to do something and I don't do it...I know that you see this, mom, and part of me is glad that I escaped the task. But that other part of me doesn't feel good just the same. I also have a habit of not listening to you when you talk to me, becasue I have learned that I do not have to do "it" the first time, you will keep on me several other times, before I really have to do it. then I get spanked, but, is it really my fault, if you don't follow through with what you told me to do the first time?

Don't get angry with me, when your anger leads to harsch words and actions I find that I get fearful and my whole world turns upside down. I am soo little and you sooo big. I spill, and wet my pants, and torment my sister/brother. It's much better if you sit me on a chair until we both cool down, than to discipline me in anger, remember, mom, I don't understand why you are soooo angry. I want to learn to be kind and good, and I want to learn from your example.

Pray for me mom, I am blissfully aware of what is ahead of me, but, you can pray for my friends, companions and influences I will have. Pray that I can be strong and seek God's will early in life. Pray that God can grant you the wisdom to guide my little hands, heart, and feet. Pray every day that God may watch over me and keep me safe in body and spirit.

Its fun when you talk silly to me, and get down and act as if your 2 also, but, mom, sometimes it might be better if you act like the mother more than my friend. If all I hear is baby talk, that is how I will talk, stay on your level mom, and I will learn to talk properly.

Let me help, setting the table, working in the garden, picking up toys. I wont want to spend a lot of time doing the same thing, but, work with me, don't do it for me...set a timer, if need be, remember though mom, I need to be taught and it not done for me. When I do these things, I love to tell Dadddy when he comes home. I need to learn to work, even when I don't want to. When it's easier for you to do it yourself, please take the time to show me. Teach me good habits and make me obey without having to tell me more than once.

I don't like the word no, I always like it, when your "no" turns to yes, if I "bug" you enough, but mom, maybe 2 would be a good time to learn that "no" means "no".... sometimes I need to learn to submit just for the sake of submission, other wise, how I hear the Lord calling my heart when its time? We are both learning mom, you to keep your word, and me to submit.

We both feel better if we get our sleep and eat good. Naps aren't so bad if you take the time to read to me before hand. It makes Daddy real happy if you have me ready for bed in good time at night, then everyone is happy.

I love candy, but, if I eat too much, I do get grouchy.

Mom I am so shy around other people. I like it if I can just stay close to you or Daddy when we are away from home. Please don't push me to do things that I am too young to do. When I am rady, I will join the other children in their games. Smile happily at me and love me with your whole heart and this may be just the boost I need, but, if I am rebellious and cantankerous, I still need discipline, I think you are wise enough to tell the difference.

Take time to swing me on my swing, comment on the "beautiful" picture I just drew, or help me on my puzzle, playing house or whatever I am doing, it makes me feel loved. I will be much better behaved boy if I am listened to....

When you discipline me, point out the wrong attitude, or action. Remind me that "I" am not bad, but the action, attitude was. You love me, but you do not like it when I do not listen. Help me to understand the best a 2 year or 3 year old can, but then help me to be happy again. I am such a pliable little fellow, mom, and if we can get the right foundations laid, there's potential for me in this old world, and in the service of God.

Signed...Your little child.

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