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~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mr. Steady.....

Good Morning to all of you who read this blog;

May Gods Peace truly sink deeeeeep into your inner recesses and a "Do not disturb" sign has been placed where the enemy of our souls can see....

We are continuing on with our readings of the 3 basic types of men, this one being the last but surely not the least...

Today is on "Mr. Steady".....

Lets go on.........

God is as steady as an eternal rock, caring providing and faithful like Jesus. He created some men like that.....The steady man does not make decisions or spend his last dime ona new idea, and he doesnt tell other people what to do. He will avoid confrontation at all costs. He doesn't invent things, but, will build the factory to invent them in. Managing the assembly line is right up his alley. He will not jump in front to lead, but will if encouraged to do so. He will quietly ignore things in others that drive Mr. Command and Mr. Visionary crazy. As a general rule, he will be faithful in the same house, car(unless it quits) and the rest of his life will stay the same till the day he dies. Those of us who have learned the peace and safety of this kind of steady man, want to keep him, but, they are rarely available. He will also be content to be with the wife of his youth their whole lives.

Joys and Trials....

Being married to this kind of man has it's joys and trials........on the good side. he never puts undue pressure on anyone, you rarely feel pressured, hurried, pushed, of forced.

When you are married to a man who is steady and cautious, and you have a bit of the impatient romantic in you, you may not see his worth and readily honor him.

A bossy woman may not see his cautiousness as a attribute, she wants it NOW! You may think he is wishy-washy and only a follower because of his lack of hasty judgement. There is no exciting rush in him, just letting others USE him, but, his slow steady nature probably keeps you and him out of alot of fixes. When you need him to just tell you what to do, he wont.

Some woman see all of these as a lack of Spiritualness, when it is the exact opposite. His lack of spontaniety and open boldness looks unspiritual, however, he is deeeeeeep, like a deeeeep s l o w flowing river that leads to rapids(that may be you). He may look like he is unmoving, but, nevertheless, he is very strong.

Dissappointment and unthankfullness can make you wearier than any amount of duties. The trials he SEEMS to cause you are really your discontented responses to what you consider to be his shortcomings. If you didnt attempt to change him into something other than what God created him to be, he would not cause you such grief. His very steadyness keeps him on his middle-of-the-road course, it WILL drive a CONTROLLING WOMAN CRAZY!!!!!(Is that woman you?)

If you are married to this kind of man, who is kind, loving and serving(maybe not all), then you are likely to end up looking like an unthankful shrew. He helps you, adores you, protects you, and is careful to provide for you, and you are still not satisfied. Shame on who?

When you come to really understand your man as God created him, then you will STOP trying to change him. The KEY is to know your man. If he is Mr. Steady, then, you want to learn to be thankful and to honor him as the one created for you in the image of God. A man who is created steady brings peace and safety to a womans soul. (Heb. 13:8) His gentleness is NOT a weakness, IT IS HIS STRENGTH!!! Your husbands indecision is not indecision. Your husbands lack of deep spiritual conversation is not a lack of caring, it is simply the cap on the mountain of intense emetions. If he ever speaks of how he does feel, he will most likely become teary...REJOICE!

He is all too willing to hear you(Prov. 20:5).

Is this your man?, then you need to learn to stand still(for a minute or more) and listen. Ask God to give you a shamefaced spirit, quiet and gentle. Stop expecting him to perform for you. Pray for him to have wisdom and STOP trying to make him into what he can never be.

ALLOW him to be the still, quiet, thoughtful presence------just for you!!!

Seek his thoughts on what to do, BUT>>>>>wait for the answers, he will think about it.

A STEADY man likes a woman to walk beside him, yet, take her own innitiative when needed.He enjoys a woman being a "Proverbs 31" woman. But, laziness discourages him. He needs a resourceful woman with dignity and honor. It is important to Mr. Steady that his wife is able to be self-sufficient in all the mundane things of daily living, like paying bills, making appointments and entertaining guests with ease. At the end of the day, Mr. Steady will enjoy weighing what he has accomplished with what you have accomplished and will rejoice in the value of having a worthy partner in life.

Sometimes these men are among the most important in the Church, they make well thought out, wise decisions.

The children can grow up to honor their gentle speaking dad if mother HAS NOT degraded this Mr. Steady to the point, the children dissrespect him.

He will not talk about himself as Mr. Command and Mr. Visionary might. He will wait for others to call him(always in need) and then will be proud(to himself) of others calling him for this and that.

When you as a wife dishonor a man like Mr. Steady, you WILL see him shrink, into a puddle, walk as if he has a 10 ton weight on his back and turn you off more often than not....why not?...he cannot live up to YOUR expectations...

To others he is mediocre and lacks strength and authority, when in actuality, he lacks a respectful wife.

Of all 3 types of men, this one will be liked by everyone.

LADIES>>> this is my DH....I treated just like the above says not to and watched him shrink and act like a 50 ton weight was on his back, not understanding that he LOVES ME SOOOOO MUCH, that he did not want ot hurt me when I treated him like this. Now, HE IS MY Mr. Steady, and walks upright as s man proud of his marriage and wife....

THIS TOOK TIME, and does not happen overnight, but if you can grasp what I have typed...then you wil be well on your way to having a glorious relationship and marriage with your Mr. Steady. You can truly be his Helpmeet!!!!

"Ruination" Wifes summary.....

~~~~~The wife of Mr. command can ruin her marriage by failing to honor, obey and reverence her husbands authority.~~~~~

~~~~~The wife of Mr. Visionary can ruin her marriage by failing to follow, believe and participate as an enthusiast in her husbands dreams and visions.~~~~~

~~~~~The wife of Mr. Steady can ruin her marriage by failing to appreciate, wait on, and be thankful for her husbands pleasant quilities.~~~~~

"Successful" Wifes Summary....

~~~~~The wife of Mr. Command can have a better marriage to him by becoming hiw adoring Queen, hororing and obeying his every(reasnable andunreasonable) word. She needs to dress, act, and speak aso as to being HIM honor .

~~~~~The wife of Mr. Visionary can have a better marriage by laying aside her own dreams and aspirations and holding onto her role as HIS helpmeet. Believe in him and follow him with ajoy into whatever path he shooses.

~~~~~The wife of Mr. Steady can have a better marriage by being joyful and realizing what a friend and companion she really has. By living that gratitude verbally and actively, her man will blossom. by trying to change him, he will shrink witha 10 ton weight on his back.


Make a list of your husbands attributes----things that allow you to see which type of man he is. It may be a mixture of 2 or maybe all 3, but, will be stronger in one area.

Ask God to give you wisdom to see your need and where you can build up rather than tear down you man.

May you have the tenacity to persevere to have a glorious marriage, I did and it can be!!!!!!!

Blessings to all who read....


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