Wednesday, January 28, 2009

~~~~~~~~~Time to visit?

Hello Ladies;

It has been on my mind today, when was the last time one had a few ladies over for ,hmmmmmmmmmmm, tea, and handwork?

We ladies need each other and to bounce things off each other. NOT TO GOSSIP, but, to see what others thnk.

When we share we should not be sharing to "TEACH" others, but, just to share and leave it. Now don't go away from a Tea with your feelings hurt, because others don't see it "your" way. Lets be grown up enough to understand, not all see things our way. AND, maybe, just ,maybe, there is another way to see it.

If you think that others will just jump at the chance to see "it" your way, that probably will not happen. They most likely will hear it, process it, and probably NOT do "it" your way. Part of getting together is to SHARE, and LEAVING IT THERE.

Being an adult does not mean our opinion is the only way. share it, and leave it. NO gossip about so and so, who just is this way and that.

"Love covers a multitude of sins...". yes, the Bible says onto bigger and better things, friendship, lets cultivate it, and not ruin it by wanting our own ways....

Its time to growup for many of us...lets!!!!

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