Wednesday, October 28, 2009

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It is not the fact of a grouchy husband nor is it the fact of a bad day...It just may be the fact of simple planning that can make or break your day.....
Let me share a few tips....
Mondays...the same thing every week, maybe, peas, potatoes, and minute steaks..
Tuesday...Meatloaf with sweet potatoes..
Wednesdays....roast with mashed potatoes and green beans...
Thursdays....spaghetti with salad...
Fridays...Fish, chips, and salad...
This is just a suggestion, be creative, use your imagination....this may just be the key to getting you started for planning....
The regular dinners each week, made it easier for Mom to plan and buy the weeks groceries. My dad would look forward to the meal he knew would be hot and waiting for him when he came home from work.
A grocery list with the weeks meals well-defned is a very handy tool.
As wives, our lifes work should be to perfect how we may please our husbands.
Sometimes, maintaining a good relationship with yor husband simply requires the performing of simple tasks, like havuing a meal ready on time and a clean house, even when it is not easy or convenient to do so.

*A good help meet provides an oasis for her man.
*She fixes meals that please him; she does not cook to suit herself.
*She plans and prepares well ahead of tome.
*She exercises self discipline.

~~~*Your relationship with your husband is the single most important role you will ever play. If you fail here, then you have failed at your lifes work and have missed Gods perfect plan.*~~~

Strawberries and Sweet Love
I have sweet memories of time spent picking strawberries. the thing I remember most vividly ismy wrinkled old grandpa down on his knees beside me picking strawberries and talking up one row and down the other about my Grandmother and how much he loved her. Apparently, he didnt see her bulging country dress, the thin white hair, and her wrinkled old face. The thought of him loving her and of her being a beautiful woman was a novel ides in my childish thinking, but, I found it delightful. I remember giggling so much, I found it hard to pick! His declaration of love to her, was very comforting. My Grandma honored and obeyed my Grandfather. It was their foundation of love and home that made the family(even the extended family) strong. As you read the next story, you will see why we were made strong by our examples....we were conditioned to please our husbands. They taught us how to resist taking offense, and that we were never to "give him a piece of our mind." If Grandma did get offended, noone would ever know it, because it was well understood, that a lady had duties and she must be sober in her execution of them? Maybe that is another title for another chapter, a lady?, What is one, and how do I get there?

"A wise woman doesn't ever allow herself to be a liability, but strives to always be an asset to the marriage. She looks for ways to make, save, and use money wisely. Her husband knows he is a richer man because of his wife."

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Love to all who read....