Friday, February 6, 2009

~~~~~~~~Good marriages don't just happen~~~~~~~

Good morning all who read..

It had snowed again, only 1 inch this time, but, I have a few words to open this morning as an encouragement to all of you.

Our marriages need to be carafully, loved, and cared for also nurtured. They don't just happen. The health of your relationship with your spouse effects sooo many more than just the 2 of you. When you marry, you begin to build something bigger than either of you can see at that moment(remember the butterflies). the family you want to build deserves more than either of you alone can do. It is your commitment; NOT LOVE; that will build it to outlast the storms of marriage that we all go through.

So...on this Valentines day(just to use this day)as every day, I want to encourage you to give your husband and family something that will make your whole family(all who you are around) outlast flowers or candy, that will make your whole life happier. Something that is a matter of the heart......

Something that you cannot do alone......

Your probably thinking, ya, ya, ya,.........she's going to talk about the same old thing, your RIGHT!!!! I am......about the God that created this old world.....that created even you.

Fall on your knees...and ask "Him" tohelp you change and make it better.

The mothers heart is the childs classroom....

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