Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Beautiful, Deceived, Dreamers

Women, in general, give the appearance of being more spiritual then men. They like to dabble in soulish thoughts. There are many ways of expressing spirituality, but, most of them have nothing to do with the spirit of Jesus Christ. We ladies are more inclined to trust our feelings and intuition than are men, which makes us more subject to deception, just like sister Eve. Feelings and intuition are ever-changing. The Word of God is objective and dogmatic -- unchanging. It is to religion wht hard facts are to science.

You rarely hear a man say"God told me to do this or that", or, "God led me to go down there". The few men I have known who talked that way did not demonstrate that they were any more led by the Spirit than other Christian men. I know that when God does speak to my husband and leads him in a supernatural way, he will not speak of it in public. He doesnt' feel the need to promote himself in this manner, and furthermore, he feels that if he has truly heard from heaven, God does not need his publicity. God will vindicate himself. But many Christian women habitually attribute nearly every event to divine guidence. Experience proves that women are prone to claim God as their authority, when God had nothing at all to do with their "leading".

~~~~LADIES....lets be careful not to rush in where angels fear to tread.~~~~

It really is appaling to see this shameful behaviour still in action today, especially when God so graciously gave us an example of Miriam, Moses' sister. Her desire to be on an equal footing with Moses has left her name inininfamy, for our admonition(1Cor.10:6, 10) and "for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope"(Rom.15:4). God seems to be gracious to us dimwits--and that is what we are when we lightly use Gods name to give authority to our intuitive decisions. The bottom line is that women "enjoy" their own self-effusing spirituality. It is feminine trait that few men share or understand. Men CAN, however, become totally absorbed in their own personal ambitions and , in the process, neglect their "spiritual" side altogether. Women often see this "carnality" in men and assume that women, being more "spiritually" minded, are closer to God--a completely false assumption.

Ladies....it is not "carnal" for a man not to be forward about what they believe.

Nearly all spiritualists, past and present are women. Women are the palm readers, crystal ball gazers, fortune-tellers, and tarot card readers. Witches' covens are headed by women. Most mediums(those that contact the dead) are women, as was the witch of Endor whom King Saul consulted conderning long dead Samuel. When Jesus spoke a parable about the kingdom becoming corrupted with false doctrine, he illustrated it with a women bringing the corruption(Matt. 13"33).

In the book of Revelation, it is a women, typically called Jezebel, who deceives her church. We are told that she did it through her teaching.

John wrote to the church of Thyatira and warned then against allowiing that woman Jezebel to teach(Rev. 2:20). The Bible makes a point of revealing the inherent nature of women when it gives a reason why women should not teach men; "And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression"(1Tim. 2:14).

That a man is less sensitive than a woman does not make him inferior to her, nor does her being more subject to deception than him husband make her inferior to him--just different. It is in recognizing that difference that wives should fear God and destrust their natural tendencies. Things different are not the same, and things that are not the same have different capacities and different offices.

Friends, just a note, these little things I type are passed by men, before, I type them, these are just NOT my own thinking....DH approves, BEFORE, I type.

Love to all who read, and may your hearts be open and taught as you read....


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  1. How true, I've often thought about this but you've put it in words so beautifully.