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Continuation of..."The nature of men and women"..

"The Virtuous Woman....

Proverbs 31 defines the virtuous woman. She is NOT MOUSY, voiceless prude. She is confident, hardworking, creative and resourceful. Her first virtue is that the heart of her husband is safe with her. That is, he can trust her with his thoughts and feelings, never fearing that she might use the private knowledge she has of him to hurt him in any way. A man will maintain a distance from his wife, never really opening up to her, if he senses she might give this knowledge out inadvertently or use it against him when they are out of sorts. A man whose heart is safe with his wife will never tell her what he intends to do or how he feels, because on previous occasions she has assumed the role of overseer by taking it upon herself to be his conscience and the manager of his time. She reminds him of what he said he was going to do ina manner that says, "I am holding you to it. What is wrong with you? Are you a sloth or something?"

He finds it more peaceful to keep his own counsel. Wives, never use your special knowledge of your husband as leverage to get your way.

If this passage in Proverbs had been written from our modern perspective, it would have extolled her for having a "quiet time" and being a "prayer warrior", teacher, or counselor. In all the Scriptural profiles of righteous women, including Proverbs 31, no such concepts are ever mentioned. In our culture, we have lost a a clear understanding of what constitutes a virtuous woman. We have accepted the modern idea of the "spirtitual" woman circulating in the realm of religious power, and have forgotten that God does not see them in the same "glorious" light. What we think is spiritual, God labels "Jezebel"."For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord"(Isiah 55:8).

A woman working beside her man is a spiritual force for them both. A woman providing good intimacy and fun company is offering her husband a spiritual benefit. A woman preparing healthy meals and cutting the grass so he can go fishing on Saturday is a spiritual woman, because she is placing him above herself. There is no greater love than to put another first.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<"Dominance and control is always a masculine trait and characteristic.">>>>>>>>>>>

It is important for a woman to understand that she must be feminine(devoid of dominance and control)in order for her man to view her as his exact counterpart, and thus willingly respond to her protectively,with love and geltleness.

A woman who criticizes her husband for watching too much TV, playing too much golf, or indulging in a any frivolous activity is expressing dishonor. When the relationship is properly balanced, a wife can make an appeal at the right time and in the right manner, and it need not be challanging to his authority. We will speak of how to make an appeal in due course. But know of a certainity that when a woman continually tries to assert her own will against her husbands, throwing it up to him that he is wrong, she is usurping authority over him, lording it over him, and dishonoring him. A women who continues in this behaviour blasphemes God and can expect Gods unsure reward.

I say again; when a woman steps outside her nature and assumes the dominant role, she will soon become emotionally and physically exhausted.

A man cannot cherish a strong woman who expresses her displeasure of him.

You say, that HE should model Christs love regardless of how SHE acts. Is this what you want? Is it what Christ wants? Do you wnat your husband to be forced to seek supernatural power just to find a ways to love you? Do you want to be another of his trials--his greatest example of overcoming adversity?

The home front should not be a spiritual battlefield; it should be the place where a man relaxes and can be vulnerable with the woman he cherishes. Men will always want to reclaim those times when love was fun and free, with no demands, like the times when she would smile at him with that sweet, girlish, "I think you are wonderful" expression. She was so feminine then, so much the woman. He wanted to hold her just because she was a bundle of delightful joy. He would do anything for her.


God placed man in the position of HEAD of the family, not because he is wiser or more capable, but because it is part of Gods plan.

When people thn k of your family, do they see your husband as the principlc player, or do they think of you as the main character? Would they refer to your family as "Cathys family", od as "Johns family"..? Have you usurped the position of headship?

the very first command god ever gave to a women was,

"Thy desire shall be to thy husband and he shall rule over thee"(Gen. 3:16). Is your desire toward your husband? Do you live to please him?, Or, do you expect him to live up to YOUR convictions and whims. Do you spend your days in angry frustration over his unwillingness to change to your specifications?

If so, you have become Jezebel !!!!!!!!!!!

Biblical Profile Contrast

Jezebel profile... Virtuous Woman Profile

1. Prophetess 1. Help Meet

2.Teacher 2.Silent

3.One who pities 3.Encourager

4. Religious 4.Prudent worker

5. Controller 5.Submissive

Ladies...lets take a good hard look at our own hearts. Where is it?

Much love to all who read this blog, May the Holy Spirit help all to be more Godly and a "Virtuous Woman".................


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