Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Comfort zones....

Comfort zones....
Men are not the uncaring creatures they sometimes appear to be. They highly treasure their families and like for their homes to be comfort zones. they want respect and a family that gives them security and purpose. Even though home life may get dull, men greatly value their own woman and children.
Men may allow the lust of the flesh to pull them away from that which they value, but they try to get back to that comfort zone. It is this natural need for his own famuly that keeps a man caring for and bearing the responsibility for his wife and children. When a woman does not provide for her husband a comfortable nest and a reverent attitude, she has to rely on his goodness to "keep him" faithful. She is a fool to expect him to be a good husband when she is not being the helpmeet God has created for her to be.
A man coming home to a tense or messy home, lousy meals, and a wife who is critical, judgemental, and or bossy might not have the "goodness" to remain faithful if a young sweet, kind, woman at work seeks to pull him away with the promise (illusion) of a more fullfilling comfort zone.
Woman take it for granted that a man will be faithful because it is his Christian duty to be faithful(and it is). It is also a womans Christian duty to be a help meet: honoring, obeying, serving, and reverencing.
Experience has proven that failure on a woman part will make it much easier for a man to fail his obligations to the family. a satisfied man will cherish his "comfort zone" enough to resist the "evil woman" and her empty promises.
Counselors agree that in almost all marriage conflicts both husband and wife share the blame almost equally. A mans guilt is usually easy to see. A womans guilt is less obvious but just as destructive and just as evil. God ordained a woman to be a help meet. She is to provide a haven of rest and satisfaction, and to be a delight to her husband. ARE YOU??????
When she fails to obey God, there is often a high price to pay. When she obeys God, even if she is married to a "lost" man, she will usually reap heavenly rewards.

Love to all who read, may you reap heavenly rewards by following this and "The Word of God"....

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