Thursday, June 25, 2009

How is your week?

Hello Dear Freiends...
How is your week? Are you still trying to follow Gods plan for your marriage, or have you let the enemy of our souls win? Please don't give up, sometimes we just need to press in, keep on...and hang in there...then, God will move in our hearts or ?......
My marriage is not without it's trials, but, there is no comparison with what it use to be....I do have a glorious marriage, a DH that treats me just like I am his princess, because in my heart and actions he is my Prince Charming.................Yes, he has faults, yes I have faults, but, I CHOOSE to not dwell on them, I CHOOSE to let it roll off my back, like a duck does water(sometimes it takes prayer, on my knees and a lot of forgiveness) does happen..I am Free to love!
Don't give up....

Love to all who read...,.

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