Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dont mess my hair....

Well, I didnt get this typed as soon as I wanted, but, it is for today.....

Dont mess my hair!
A few years ago, a meeting went on, where men sat in a circle and tried to figure out some answers for some grave matters that they were facing as well as, the course of action to take. Their wives were right beside them or behind them. I looked at one young man, who I will call, Charles. He was there with his attractive wife. In the midst of an intense part of the conversation Charles leaned back and draped his arm around his wifes shoulder. She immediately reacted with obvious irritation, shaking his hand off her shoulder, and leaning forward as if to get away from his embrace. Then she carefully fixed her hair where his arm had disturbed it. His mind was jerked off of the serious problem at hand and was focused on her, now-----as was the attention of almost everyone in the room. To her, brushing him off was nothing, but to all those in the room(including her DH), it was an act of putting him down like a thoughtless inept child. Everyone felt his humiliation. After that, Charles had nothing else to contribute. For the duration of the meeting, he sat downcast, properly chastened, with his hands in his lap. I wanted to get up and visit with her but, did not. It would have shocked her to know that everyone in that room, probably was thinking what I was. She continued to straighten herself, unaware that she was wasting her time trying to look pretty, for she had lost all that was lovely and feminine in that one act of disdain.
Carrying that kind of rejection, on a regular basis, Charles will never really be able to cherish his wife, and he will never have what it takes to become an effective leader or minister. Yes, she is his wife, and he will undoubtly continue to love her. But, his love will always be more of an attempe to win her. Until she repents, he cannot love her with abandoned joy. A mans ego is a fragile thing. How can a man cherish someone who cares so little for his reputation?
Her act was testimony to the state of her heart. She thought more of her hair than her husbands honor. She was rebelling against God in not reverencing her husband. To reverence is an active verb. It is something you so. It is not first a feeling; it is a voluntary act. As we reverence our DHs, they are free to mature before God and to minister to others. Charles was not free; he was troubled and bound inside, and guess who made him feel that way...His wifey, that thought more of her hair, than her DH.

Regardless of how a woman may feel about her husband, she can choose to obey and honor him. A husband is told to love his wife. It involves how he feels toward her. You can will to do what you ought to do much sooner than you can be motivated by your feelings to act. As we said earlier, when you choose the right way, feelings will soon follow.

A foolish woman is clamorous: she is simple(minded and heart), and knoweth nothing(even with years of schooling)(Proverbs 9:13).

"Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her own hands(by your words and actions)(Proverbs 14:1).

Love to all who read, and may it touch your heart enough to change....

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