Monday, August 24, 2009

The purple flower PJs Girl....

The Purple Flower Pjs Girl......
Just last week, while I sat in my car in the Walmart parking lot, waiting for my daughter, I watched the people as they walked into the store. It was an interesting study in human behaviour. Of the 25 or so couples who walked into the store together,only 3 of them were touching each other, and those 3 ladies were the only one ssmiling out of the 25 or so I observed. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the prettiest, these ladies were 1 or 2's. One lady looked several(hard) years older than her tall, young, handsome husband. He had a delighted smile on his face as he watched her every move, possessively leading her by the arm. It was clear that she was enjoying telling him her tale. I could see it was a good story, because he threw his head back and laughed freely just as they walked through the door. He was enjoying his woman.
Another couple passed by quietly, deliberetly brushing up against each other, saying nothing, but the womans smile said everything. the third smiling couple took the award of the day. He was a muscled-up gorgeous man, and she was almost past describing. She was wearing flannel PJ bottoms that were cut off just above the knees. The shortened pants had 5 inch purple flowers scattered over the white, almost see through material. She was short. and a lot overweight, with the most weight bouncing in those "extra tight" PJ shorts. Her hair was chopped off in an very "home" cut style, and really needed to be washed. Her gorgeous man had her in a headlock hug. She was laughing and poking him in the ribs while hollering for him to ler her go. You would have thought he was hugging Miss America by the way he was grinning. He was really enjoying his purple flower sweetie. I caught his eye, and he grinned back at me, not one bit embarressed. That gal had totally won his heart and my respect. He was proud to be her man. Of all those "beautiful"a girls who had walked into Walmart while I waited, it was this girl who was publicly being adored and appreciated. I suspect that she has never removed her husbands hugging arm for any reason, much less to save her hairdo. She has accepted all of his overtures with thanksgiving and delight.
In the coming few weeks, we will discuss how we need to cook, clean, take care of our children, etc. These things are important and necessary, but, the buck stops right here at the action of the word reverence.
A man will allow his woman many, many, faults, as long as he knows that she thinks he is great.
If she will just look into his face with adoration, if she is thankdul to him for loving her, he will adore her. She can dress awful, be very overweight, have hair needs help, not cook or very little, be a little lazy, and be not pretty, but if she will just think and show that he is wonderful.....HE WILL LOVE HER!!! I know, it sounds ridiculous,but that is just how it is.
Women, on the other hand, want their husbands to perform. They expect them to be spiritual, hardworking, diligent, sensitive, and an attentive parent, or they will take personal offense and begin a campaign to change him onto "their" image. I find it amazing that a woman would marry an MAN(as he is) and then become angry because he continues to act like one.
What does it mean to reverence?
The very act of reverence is extreme appreciation profound thankfulness that this man, JUST AS HE IS, has chosen to love me, JUST AS I AM.
How many traits should a young maid carry that is looking to be married?.....really only one, a grateful heart......let me explain....
That girl must be joyful and thankful for the love that that man has for her who marrys her. The more that young lady believes she is fortunate that her man chose her over others, the better the fondation for the true marriage of 2 souls. If the young lady feels that the man is lucky to get her, that young lady is looking for her very OWN helpmeet and she thinks you are the one to fill the job...She will spend the rest of her life trying to change that young man.

To reverence your husband is to be thankful and delighted.

Like the purple flower pjs girl. It means the you must be the opposite of the "dont mess my hair girl", and that you believe in him enough to dream good things aboaut him. You reverence him by teaching your sons and daughters that their daddy is the #1 man, and then by helping making a sign in their hearts and maybe in reality, so everyone can see how you think and feel about him. In summary, it is to believe that YOU are blessed for being loved by this wonderful man.

Next week, some things to study....

OH!! Ladies, I do hope this gives you courage....don't give up....a short note from me.....this thing called reverence is funny, but, it is true, it really works, this happened to my DH and I...I decided to reverence, it took time, for him to trust me, but, it works....
If your man decides to go the other way, PLEASE don't quit becoming what God would have you on YOU!

Love to all who read....

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