Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Just a meal idea....

*Sunday night put dried pinto beans and water into the crock-pot to soak. Monday morning, turn the pot on low. Monday evening, grill minute steaks and bake sweet potatoes to eat with the beans.
*Add water to leftover beans, and let cook on low all night to be used with taco salad as refried beans. An hour before dinner, cut lettuce, onion, bell pepper and 2 tomatoes in preparation for a taco salad. Brown 2 pounds of Hamb. putting half of the cooked meat in a plastic bag in the referigerator for spaghetti on Weds. Season the other half of the meat with taco seasoning and keep warm. Set your table, and other "fixins" for your tacos.
*Wednesday at noon, put your reserved, precooked hamb., with onion, peppers, celery in the crock-pot with crushed tomatoes and a can of tomato paste with spaghetti seasonings. An hour before supper, make a salad and heat water ready to drop in noodles 10 minutes before supper. Wednesday night, rinse out yout crock pot and put dried black beans into it to soak.
* Thursday morning, turn your crock pot on low with the black beans in it. Two hours before
supper, add smoked sausages to the black beans. Cook enough rice for 2 meals and serve the black beans over rice with sour cream, chopped onion, grated cheese and tomatoes. Add water to the leftover black beans in the crock pot, and a small handful of rice to simmer overnight for you and the childrens lunch on Friday, put the leftover rice in the refer. for you and the childrens lunch on Friday.

*Friday, use leftover black beans and rice for childrens lunch.
Chop onion, and meat and saute'. Mix with rice, then add scrambled eggs and soy sauce to rice. Season with salt and pepper. Make a fresh salad.
*Saturday, have a cookout with hamburgers, open cans of baked beans and cookies for dessert.
*Sunday, have you whole chicken ready for the crockpot. Early Sunday morning, put your chicken, a stalk of celery, one can of Cr. of chicken soup in the crockpot and season. Just before you leave for church, cut 10 flour tortillias in 2 inch wide strips and drop into the pot with the chicken. Enjoy when you return home.

There is your week of recipes. Simple enough?

Love to all who read....

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