Monday, January 25, 2010

Chapter16...To Love their Husbands.

Titus 2:4 "That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands...
Please remember that loving him means putting his needs before your own, which may or may not be easy for most of us.  We were and are created to be helpmeets. Everyday and everynight we need to be ready to help. Here is a story from a letter that was received...
A normal Guy....
 I am in a dilemma and need you to share with my wife that I am "normal". My wife thinks I am a pervert because I need to be intimate. She feels I am not sensitive to her needs when I want to be intimate with her  and she doesn't, which is most of the time. She will be intimate with me, but it hurts her feelings that I do not consider her feelings and she feels I do not love hr enough to consider this. When I have missed a meal I unconsciously roam the kitchen, opening cabinet doors, and peer into the referigerator,just looking and looking. I told her that a few days without intimacy leaves me in the same condition imtimately. No matter how much I love her and respect her feelings and needs, I still have this overwhelming intimatecy need that drives me until it is satisfied.
There are very few times when everything is just right for her. She is exhausted, or has a backache or  whatever she comes up with most of the time. I tried to explain to her that she is setting me up for temptation, and that really set her off. Now I am not only a pervert, I am also unfaithful in my heart, so she is upset every time a good looking girl walks by.
 Please tell her I just down right NEED MY woman. Thats the bottom line; I am normal--all men need a woman. She said I made it until I was 23 without intimacy, so why do I have to have it now. I told her when I was single I did not have to look upon someone undressing in front of me, nor did I see anyone laying in the bed like that.  I just want to come home and be a family man, I want to crawl into bed at night with a woman who is glad I am her man.I want to be intimate with her every few days sos I dont have to think about the girls at work. Please write her and explain this to her. Maybe if she heard this from you she would know I have
and REALLY care about her...

LADIES... How many of you hear this from your man?
If you do, and your not being  responsible with your "intimacy" with him, your only asking for trouble. This is the basics of men, (not al), this is the way they were created...Once we understand this principle, and truly "reverence" him, we will WANT to take care of his needs.  

"For this cause a man shall leave his father and mother, and shall be joined to his wife, , and the 2 shall reat become one flesh. This a is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the Church"(Eph. 5:31-32).

>Gods ultimate goal for you is to meet your mans needs.
>Gods oroginal intention was that a woman would spend her life helping her man fulfill his dreams and ambitions. 
>From the beginning, God meant for us to be a comfort, a blessing, a reward, a friend, a encouragement, and a right-hand woman.

"What can I do to help you Adam,?"
"Pick up the other end of that log, and help me move it over here."
"What should my next project be, Adam?"
"Have dinner ready every evening, and take good care of my little ones."
"That is a very strong fence you are building, and the gate looks nice, I am soo proud of you, Adam. What would you like now?"
"Take your clothing and put it elsewhere, but, not on you....YEAH!!! your a fine helpmeet!!!."

LADIES...Our society has perverted what God has made to be beautiful....don't let the evil one rob you and your man of what, the God you say you know and serve, has ordained in marriage. Go to your knees and ask for spiritual intervention, so you can too, can have that blessed marriage, we as women all want.

Love to all who read....

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