Monday, January 4, 2010

I'm about to have a nervous breakdown....

This letter shows how not gttring our way often causes us to have a nervous, troubled spirit instead of the quiet(sober) spirit God expects us to have. It was good to hear that this lady finally found peace. the article she refers to can be found on the website.
I heard your article read publicly called "Carnal husbands, cranky wives and cantankerous kids", while at a seminar in Knoxville. It was the first time I realized my anxiety controlled my husband and was a reflection of my lack of confidence in him. As we left the seminar and were fighting traffic, my husband spoke up that we needed to stop for gas. Miles passed and still the traffic was bumper to bumper. Suddenly we were free and in the mountains with no place to buy gas. I was in an extreme state of turmoil. I had worked myself up to a state that I wanted to scream to him to go back in to the city and get gas. I could see the gas gauge; it was . totally empty. I kept quietly raging to God that "this was the exact reason why I had to take control, since he is  the most irresponsible man and does not make wise decisions. I felt that I should tell him what to do. "I was so nervous, I was almost sick, but, for the first time I kept my mouth shut and looked interestedly at the hills. Ten miles up into the mountains, we finally came to an exit that had a gas station, and my husband turned to me, smiled and said, "Whats happened to you? Your not a nervous wreck like you usually are. I'm so glad youve learned to relax. Isn't life a lot more fun when your not so full of fear? I'm proud of you."
I had to stop and think Even if we had tun out of gas, would it have been a tragedy? I could see that I had turned many things into monsters. I had the opposite of a meek and quiet spirit that we were suppose to have. I have learned not to let my fears and irritations over uncertain circumstances control me, and , much  worse, my husband. I am learning to lean on my husband.

Love to all who rad...

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