Monday, October 25, 2010

Hormones 101

   We ladies all have basically the same hormones. Over the last 50 plus years, my hormones have fluctuated some, but I have still been fully a female during all that time. Amazing, isnt it? Through adolescence, marriage, pregnancies, births, periods, menopause you  name it, our hormones were always there, maintaining us as a female. For the most part, all ladies have the same intimate drive.
   Do you love your husband the way he needs loving, the way you were created to love him? If you dont score high points here, you are providing an opening for your husband to be tempted by other women. It is a mans duty to walk in truth and have high integrity, but a woman, who trusts in a mans ability to endure all things, while providing circumstances that test him to the max, is a fool. It is your duty to fulfill his intimate needs. God knew that the pleasurable memories "planted" lovingly by you would serve to keep you sweetly and tenderly in his thoughts and his dreams(SOOOO TRUE!!!). His faithful responsibility to you, and yours to him are both equally important, and we wives must give an account before God for our faithfulness in these areas. I call it"ministering" to my husband and he says I am a MIGHTY fine minister(giggle).
 For a woman, intimate expression starts in her mind and heart. Love is giving up your center, your self interest. It is choosing anothers needs above your own. A woman chooses to be interested or not interested in her  husbands needs. So, when a womans first commitment is to her own needs and feelings, she is  going to view intimacy strictly as carnal....for then she does have a total hedonistic outlook.---her self gratification. But if a woman views intimacy as a ministry to her husband, then it is a selfless act of benevolence. She need not wait until she is stimulated to desire eroticism, she need only seek to fulfill her husbands needs. I have a tip for you.....when you make your husbands needs central , you will get turned on to the experience and enjoy it yourself. That is the way God meant it to be. The principle is universal---we minister to others because we want to bless them. It is completely incidental that the by-product of selflessly blessing others should result in our being blessed also, Eve was created to be Adams helper. It is not in seeking personal fulfillment that she is fulfilled, rather, it is in doing her duty to bless him, that a blessing is returned upn her.
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