Tuesday, October 19, 2010

NEW BOOK>>>The kingdom that turned the world upside down"....

I pray you can find this book a touch to your life as well as your soul....

Part 1
   The Kingdom with upside down values.
      Holy War?

   It was Firday, July 8, 1099. the hot desert sun bore down on a ragged procession of robed clergy, carrying large crosses and relics of saints, who were marching around outer walls of Jerusalem. The clergy were followed by 1200 emaciated barefoot Crusador knights and around 11,000 near starved, thirsty soldiers, sailors, and workmen. The other faction  defenders of the city laughed scornfully at this procession, mocking them as they marched. The other faction even desecrated crosses in various ways and hung them on the city walls to further insult this ragtag band of half crazed Christians.
   Despite insults and jeers, the Crusaders continued on their barefoot procession until they reached the Mount of Olives, where they stopped. There, one of the bishops exhorted them, saying, Now we are on the very spot from which the Lord made His ascension, and we can do nothing more to purify ourselves." So let each one of us forgive his brother whom he has injured, that the Lord may forgive us," He then reminded them of his prophecy that Jerusalem would be delivered to them the next Friday if they continued to humble and purify themselves.
   If any of the other faction heard the Bishops speech, they were not particularly worried. Take the city of Jerusalem in 7 days? Not likely. After all, before the Crusaders had even reached the vicinity of Jerusalem, the other faction ruling Jerusalem, had plugged or poisoned all wells outside the city limits. The crusaders had only one intermittant spring for their source of water and many of the Crusaders were seriously dehydrated. Furthermore, the leader of the other faction had moved all domesic animals inside the walls, giving the city an abundant supply of food. In contrast, the Crusaders were emaciated from hunger. Jerusalem could withstand a long siege, In fact, to conserve their food supply and protect themselves against treachery, the leader of the other faction had expelled all Christians from the city. Most of the Jews had left.

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