Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Continued...the kingdon that turned the world upside down"....

 This is Continued from last week....
    However, the offenders(enemy)s hsrled their own fiery missiles back to the towers, in an attempt to set them on fire. the offenders hammered the towers all day long with catapulted rocks. The missiles and arrows rained back and forth throughout the day. The crusaders fought bravely, but they were unable to secure a foothold. Some of their siege towers had been battered into ruins. One of them had been burned to  the ground. Both sides quit fighting when night fell.
   On the morning of Friday, July 15, the Crusaders renewed their ataack. This was the day that the bishop had prophesied they would take the city. But, that didnt look likely. They were all exhausted from the sleepless nights and the previous days fighting. By noon the Crusaders were greatly discouraged. They were weary, and they seemed to be making no progress.  They were hopelessly outnumbered, and the walls of Jerusalem held tight.
   They finally halted their operations and held council. About half of them were ready to call off the futile siege and hang the bishop who made the false prophecies.  However, while they were still talking, a knight on the Mount Of Olives bagan to wave his shield to the others signaling them to advance. At his signal, the men began to take heart, and they renewed their attack in earnest. The battering rams went back to work, and some of the Crusaders began climbing the walls with scaling ladders and ropes.
   The city offenders(enemy) had stacked a virtual mountain of hay and cotton bales inside the city walls as an additional defense. But some of the archers under the command of Godfrey of Bouillan succeeded in setting those bales on fire with flaming arrows. when the wind changed, huge clouds of smoke blinded and choked the offenders(enemy). The shower of fire and smoke forced them from the walls.
   Seizing the moment, Godfrey quickly released the long drawbridge of his tower, and his men fearlessly streamed over the walls. In mere minutes, the Crusaders secured this section of the wall, which allowed their fellow soldiers to scale the walls with their ladders. some of the invaders reached one of the city gates and were able to open it. Waves of Crusaders swept through the opened gates.
   Although they still were heavily outnumbered, the offenders(enemy) reeled back in disbelief and confusion. Only hours before, it had appeared that the Crusaders had been defeated. But now they were swarming into the city!!!  Stunned, the offenders(enemy) fled from the Crusaders in disarray! Suddenly, the whole city was engulfed in mass panic, trying to escape from the Crusaders. Womem scramed and children cried as the Crusaders did away with every person they met.
   The Crusaders saw themselves as the medieval equivalant of Jehu and his army, who did away with the Baal worshippers of their day.

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