Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A great big Thank-you!!!

   As I was just finishing up this book, I received a large box in the mail It was full of nice home canned apples and pumpkin bread mix...the office ladies who received the box could smell the wonderful aroma through the box.....Since I did not recognize the name of the sender, I searched and finally found a letter explaining the wonderful gift! here is her letter for you to enjoy. We ate the apple pie the next day....
   Dear Michael and Debbie;
Hello! My husband and I are very thankful to you both. Love your videos on marriage(Husbands love your wives, wives, honor your Husbands), I found myself apologizing to my husband many times. We watched the wife tape first, and a week later my husband said it was time to watch the husband tape. As he put it on, he jokingly said to me, "I'm a little scared," It was great!"  
  Well..., then I read the Holy Sex book and WOW!, Thanks alot!!! That is when I decided to send you my apple pie in a jar and the pumpkin spice bread, which are 2 incredible aromas to have baking.
   My husband recently commented on how great God is, and he said that  ayear ago he would have said it was God who was breaking us up(my fault for trying to play his conscience), but NOW it is God bringing us closer together!
   I cannot tell you enough how grateful I am(ARE YOU!!!???), I can see the peace and joy even in our children. I personally think every woman should read the book, and I have already passed it on to several friends, and they and their husbands are also very thenkful. I am currently talking to my pastors wife to see if she might want to read it.
   Mu friend and I joke that even when we are older, she will teach wives how to submit, and I will teach them to be" suggestive"  with their husbands. Smile!! Oh, what joy life is becoming in our house. (How is yours  ladies?) I am thankful to God for being soooo patient with me...Well, enjoy your treats, we are enjoying ours!!!

 His Help Meet....

Ladies...How is your intimacy with your DH...This is what keeps HIM AT HOME!!!!
You  may laugh, but , it is the truth, that is how men are NEED their women...

Love to all who read...

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