Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Song of Solomen 3:4

"..I found him whom my soul loveth: I held him, and would not let him go...."

Reflecting on "To Love Their Husbands"......
The physical union between a man and a woman is so beautiful, so otherworldly that God uses the intimate relationship to illustrate our relationship with him(Ephesians 22-33).
"This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the Church"(Ephesians 5:32).

Traits of a good helpmeet
   A good helpmeet glories in answering her husband needs.
   She learns to know his needs even before he is aware he has them.
   She empties her mind of the cares of this world so her body can respond to him with eagerness.

Traits of a wife who is in danger of disobeying the Word Of God
   Accuses her husband of lust toward her because he wants to be intimate more than she does.
   Accuses her husband of being insensitive when he needs to be intimate and she doesn't feel the desire.
   Excuses her lack of wanting to satisfy him intimately on the grounds that _________________...(You fill in the blank, the excuse list may be VERY long).

Make a new habit....
   Make a list of personal plans of how you are going to love your husband. Be sure you come up with lotsd of bright ideas. I would suggest at least one special date a week... Plan on different addition to your "birthday suit" each week......Have fun!!!!

Getting serious with God...
   The Song Of Solomen is the 22nd book of the Bible. It is a love song/play that was written by Solomen about his wooing and wedding of a shephard girl.      
   All 8 chapters tell the story of longing for the lover, finding the lover and what the lovers did when they were together. Most writers find a need to turn the passage into a spiritual picture of Christs love for the Church.  I certainly believe that old Solomen was thinking of the sexual expression of his love for her when he wrote it, and I think the same when I read it. What do you think? As you read "God's" novel aboaut the intimate relationship, ask yourself if you feel toward your husband the same hunger as the shepherd girl did for her lover. Make a written list of things you are goint to do that will start a "change" reaction in your actions. Your feelings will follow suit.

Several good reasons to be Sexy for your man.......
   It's fun!
   Its healthy...several studies prove regular         intimacy makes a person healthier.
   It provokes a msn to appreciate you.
   It causes Him to feel good about himself.
   It mellows a woman out and helps keep her hormones balanced.
   It safeguards your husband from wily, sinful women trying to mar his intregrity.
   Children benefit from having a mother and daddy who are terribly in love.  
   It is intended by God  to be an earthly example of divine worship and intimacy.
   Makes sweet babies........   :)

Until later,,,,,,

Love to all who read.....

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