Monday, January 3, 2011

Seeking something higher than God......................

Dear Mr Pearl....
I am a busy mother whose children go to a Christian school. I am realizing that without another close female in my life who could share house duties, it is harder on me than it should be. I meet with 2 prayer groups each week and have them pray for me and my family by name. My biggest need is for help  physically in caring for the house work and someone to sit in quiet worship with me. I need at least 4 hours per week of meditation time & self- actualization time. It is 4 am now and i'm up writing my friends to ask for prayer and see if they know of any girls with 5 children of their own who might be as stressed as I am. I am frustrated because of my culture and my isolation from regular and close fellowship with wise women. I have a heart desire to change my current lifestyle and to live a rich, full, and meaningful life, and I am motivated so because I want the best for God. I trust you will send me some good advice.
Love in Him...

Dear sister T.P.;
  Your divine calling is to serve your family. True worship of God is not dependent upon other people or special circumstances, nor does it require a time of meditation. The Spirit of God is present when you wash the dishes or pick up(for the 40th time), the dirty clothes, and he is there while you  prepare meals for your family in the evening, or while you wipe a snotty nose... God never intended for you to have intimacy with another woman, whether in worship or otherwise. Stimulating your own inner feelings in the name of worship is selfish, approaching idolatry. Your seeking of "self-actualization" in the name of spiritiality is a mixture of foolish psychology and emotional insecurity.
   You are part of a trend sweeping through church womens circles--a pursuit of intimacy and deep feelings apart from your husband. This inner-stimulation is what my husband calls"spiritual masturbation". It has nothing to do with the God of The Bible. It is Spiritually more akin to Eastern Mystic meditation. when  your spirituality competes with your service to others(especially your husband and family), it is just that---"your spirituality". Jesus said to Peter,"do you love me"...then "feed my sheep". God does not call women to be mountain-top gurus or to seek someone out for their personal benefit. He commands them to be "keepers at home", to "obey their husbands," to "render due benevolence(make love to him)," and "reverence" him. Remember that the sin of Eve was to seek deeper understanding and to be like the gods. Independent of her husband, she thought to go deeper. Her ambition was personal spiritual fulfillment. Which is the most selfish drive that can possess a person and the easiest to justify, humanly speaking. It is that foundation of all sin and rebellion.
   Learn to read the Scriptures just a few minutes per day or here and there throughout the day, and meditate on what you read as you work. Sing unto the Lord. Dont allow the "lonely womens club" menatlity to sweep over you and away from your role as a wife and mother. Your time at church and prayer meeting is sufficient enough time with other women. Focus on your life and your life at home for your husband  and children
   There is grave danger in becoming emotionally dependent on other women. Too many times I have seen this lead to something abnormal and sick. Your husband and God should be the ones to whom you turn for emotional support and intimacy. Women who seek higher spirituality end up feeling and acting spiritually superior to their husbands and others in the church, and its a death knell to a healthy, marriage  .Spend that "desired" spiritual time with your husband, where real growth and maturity can and will be found.
   Seek to serve your family by tying your little ones shoelaces, reading a book to your toddler, telling a simple bible story to the whole gang, and making sweet love with your husband. these are the things that God counts as important in knowing and loving him.

Love to you..Debi

   "A wise woman never expects anyone to serve her, and is therefore never dissappointed. She is ready to help, always the giver. By her example, her children learn to cheerfully and energetically serve."

Love to all who read.

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