Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Are we still created to be His helpmeet?

Are we?

I think so, God has not changed.

Well, its been a few weeks without our study....maybe it's time to get on with it again.

My DH is home for the next few months and I did not realize how much it changed ones routine....I had it all planned to post on Monday, and then again, having DH home has changed my routine. So, I hope to get this next lesson posted before the end of the week.

How about what we studied the last time I posted, Did you work on making your DH smile?

Did you study the word "Joy"?

How have you woke up in the mornings?, have you tried to be happy?..I know with little ones, it is hard, but, think about it....

The title of this lesson is.........


A wise woman is wanting to change and learn, she is never closed to changing in Her what she knows needs to be changed. She is not always thinking she is "always" right.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your DH just dissappeared one day? Whew!, you think, either that would be horriable, or maybe your thinking that would be great...there would be no more income, warm snuggles, free childcare, helping around the house a job away from the children(oh! These memories hurt me, almost too much to handle..), your little ones crying while you haveing to leave for work, the car is broken, the pipes break...the list can go on and on....YES!!!! this and more has happened to me, and millions of other single moms...and also, the childsupport you thought you were goping to get, suddenly stops(if you even get eany)...and THEN WHAT???????? Alone!!!!

Are you bitter and still angry, because of what that so and so did to you and your or "his" children? OH MY!!!! My dear, dear friend....your soul is being subtly and silently ebbed away from you in the most little of ways....your happiness wayyy down deep in your use to be bubbling over, now, you are silently critical of everyone that has a good marriage, you go a try to "help" others who are in your situation, all the while, hurting inside, and critical, resentful and many other feelings that are hidden, from "your" view.

I hope this has not already happened to you and you blame "HIM"! Yes, it takes 2 to tango, it takes 2 to make a marriage, but, with a resentful, angry, sad, dishonoring wife, that he comes home to and she is angry at him, and the children, almost every night, why wouldn't he make you a single mother?

Oh, he may not physically leave you, but, has he left you emotionally? Please dear friend.....listen as I share my experience with you, about what happened to me and how you can hope to change your marriage for the good, and the marriage God would have you to have.

NO, this is not a magic wand, that will all of the sudden change it all, but, these are tools and have been that can help...IF YOU choose to put them into practice...NO>>>>it will not happen overnight, it has taken me 2 years and a lot of apologies and asking for forgiveness, to get where we are today, but, it can't do anything but help....

Young mother....others will ask you what happened..and you tell them, HE left...but, where was your heart?..I am NOT saying, it was all of your fault, but, you can either draw your DH or push him further away by who you have you to be. Are you still trying to play the Holy Spirit, you think...."I just said.....(you fill in the blank).....How many times have you "just said",,,the same thing....Isn't that being the Holy Spirit? Last night, my Dh was reading something I felt uncomfortable with, I have not said anything up until lastnight....I just said"Hun, I really don't feel comfortable with you reading so and so"...He asked why and I said, "I just didn't think a a Christian should read that, and added, I am not trying to tell you what to do, just sharing my heart"...(with NO body language, I am still learning that...)...He continued on reading whatever He was reading and I HAD TO leave it, no more body language, or rolling my eyes, or subtle suggestions....That is leaving it to the Holy Spirit, not ME being the Holy Spirit....Get it?

If we don't let the HOly Spirit do His work, we are dishonoring our DHs....

Marriages can survive other subtle things and some not so subtle, if the wife honors her DH...but, when and if Mother dishonors Daddy, few marriages make it. Your attitude has the most to do with all of this, the children feel it, so why wouldn't Dh feel it? Lower your expectations(of profit by "will",[whos will, yours?]) and permit yourself to love and honor your DH, your children will feel that will DH!

Not saying your standards(rule used for comparison) should be lower.....but, your dishonor and nagging(even in your thoughts) will drive him to the other woman.

I do remember when God brought this to me, how my thoughts about my DH truly make me act it out...if my thoughts are dishonoring(begrudging his every step, because it's not the way "I" would do it, say it, or think it,) then my actions and words come out "barbed". Holding your thoughts and tongue will possibly hold your man.

Lets work on our thoughts..using the last few studies and ideas I have posted, lets try to be happy, have JOY, hold our thoughts(taking them into captivity), and last but absolutely NOT least.....PRAY!!!

Really, Really, kGod to help you in your hearts of hearts....ask Him to Hold your tongue and your thoughts....even if you really don't want to....

Next weeek, we will look at "Alone"!

Rememer, I pray for each and every one that reads my blog....

Love to you all of my Friends, until next week....

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