Tuesday, January 27, 2009

.................Wisdom to understand who it is that you are married to.........

Good Morning Ladies;

A wise woman learns to adapt to her DH...........

This morning, we want to take a look at the above title...

Who is it that I am married to?, you ask...It seem as if God has made basically 3 types of men, and your DH will be one a mixture of 2 or some of all three. God did this to express His very own triad nature. Jesus was the perfect "3".

Men are not within their God given realm when they try to be something they are not meant to be(as in their natures).

Lets take a look at the 3 types and you will probably easily identify where your man is and if you have been a blessing or not to him....

Lets get started.............

By the we young women get married, we have preconceived ideas about our very own "prince charming"....things that contribute to this are men she has known, books, and outside stimulas. With these preconceived ideas, it makes it real tough on our "prince"....in our minds, they will be "perfect",,,however, they will NEVER be and far, far from it. God gave each only part of His nature and not complete. Add in the fact that men are fallen creatures and a girl wonders why she would ever want to tie her very life to one of these sons of Adam. But, God makes us ladies to have a innate desire to want one of these men and our hormones are working overtime to bring that along.

What happens when a girl finds out that after a time, this "man" that she thought God brought into her life is not as perfect as she thought he was...........now, she spends alot of time trying to change him into what she thought he was suppose to be....what if he is a "lemon"? Maybe asking God for Wisdom, would be the needed reaction.

Wisdom is knowing what you "bought" when you married that man, and learning to adapt to him as he is, not as you want him to be.

All men are not created equal, and are not what we have as the "prince" in our minds.Our men are created in the image of God, but, will NEVER come even close to that. Because they are only "created", no man can be even close to "perfect", or else, they would not need us frail, human, fleshly women.

God gives imperfect woman to imperfect man so they can be heirs together of grace and become something more "together" then either of them would ever be alone.

If one fights ones husbands inadequacies or seeks to be dominant where he is not, both of you will fail. If you love him, and support him with his inadequacies and without taking charge, both of you will succeed and grow.

Now onto the 3 types of men.............................

Mr. Command.....

God is dominant, a sovereign and all powerfull God. He is also a visionary- omniscient and desirous of carrying out his plans. And, God is steady-the same yesterday, today, and always. Most men epitomize one of these 3 aspects of God.

A "Command Man", will be the leader, they almost have more than their share of dominance. Many times they are chosen by other men to be preachers, heads of businesses, and other such leadership positions. They usually do more than is required of them also.

He will usually(not always), want his wife to coetow to his needs, and not have any outside interests(this can be tempered too!), but, not by our suggestions.

If you are blessed to be married to one of these men, the faster one learns to make appeal without challanging his authority, the faster you are on your way to "bliss".... They sometimes have less tolerance, walking off in a "huff", leaving his wife stamouring for what to say. A woman married to one of these men, can talk till she is blue in the face, and still have to sign divorce papers. His felings are hidden soo deep, one wonders if he has any?

He seems to be sufficient unto himself. It is awfuyl being shut out. A woman married to one of these men, has to earn her place in his heart, by proving that she will be there through thick and thin, faithful, loyal, and obedient. Whe she has won his confidence, he will treasure her to the extreme. She is on call 24 hours a day, her man, wants to know why, when and how she is doing, saying and whatever in her life. He may even criticize her without even knowing it.

A woman married to a "Command man" wears a heavier yoke than others but, it CAN be VERY rewarding. In a way, her walk with this man, is easier, because there is NEVER any way for her to be in control, no gray areas, she can have a sense of calm and safety.

He is also a chance taker, and because of that, God put these in as Kings. A Mr. Command man, sees the BIG picture and takes action, even if it costs him his life and the lives of those he loves. He will usually take financial loss in order to help those he loves, if he is honest, but, if not,.........he will be selfish and use the resources of others to further his own interests.

This man NEEDS his wifes admiration, to keep him on top(so to speak), without this admiration his victories are muted.

If you as his wife can learn to take a second seat, and if she does not take offensiveness to his head strong aggressiveness, then she will be sitting at his side being adored, however, the opposite is also true. She will be his closest and sometimes his only confidante.

Reverance is of utmost importance to this kind of man. Do not belittle his accomplishments, nor how he does them, or he will shrink into a puddle of.....?

If you are the wife of this man, and resist his control, well, you might be in for a horriably bumpy ride and stay married and miserable yourself.

He might even brag till all are sick of him if he has not been trained how to work. If he has no wife or children and has left that, he will be obnoxiously a braggert. He may be even abusive, in other ways.

PLEASE remember, how a "Command man" reacts depends highly on how much his wife reverences him(not always though). In marriages, sometimes, he is not getting respect and thus, conflict, strife etc. When a wife plays her part as a help meet, this man will react differently.

When a "Command Man", (lost or saved) is treated with honor and reverence, a good help meet will find that her man will be wonderfully protective and supportive. remember, he is a COMMAND man, a LEADER, and will usually organize "it" to get "it" done,he will notusually clean up after himself.

He will also be most uncomfortable with "death" situations.

Ladies, this is a lot to hear and digest, take it in, ponder it(think, think, think, pray, pray, pray) and what you need, God will give it to you....

Don't be afraid to act upon what ever God gives you, even if it seems stupid, if it is good for your marriage(outside of sin, of course), then act upon it.

PLEASE don't think I am purporting to sin...NO!!! But, God can change your heart one vein at a time, PRAY for His wisdom, and stick to it...things can change...

More tomorrow....."Mr. Visionary".............

Thanks and Love to all who read.....


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