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The Nature of Man and Woman.....

Good Morning......did not get to this yesterday, so today.....Time flies way too fast, and things have been hectic here,,,,the enemy of our souls has been terrible busy in our home, Lets remember each other in Prayer.

This week the title is...

"The Nature Of Man And Woman"..

Man was created to subdue; woman to assist....God made them that way. God created man with a nature that is aggresive, and then commanded him to exercise dominion over the earth(Gen. 1:28). He created the male with an extra dose of testosterone, which provokes him to want to work hard, conquer everything in his path, and subdue all things. That is why the male is at the forefront of conquests, exploration, architecture, science, inventions etc. No woman would ever go out and tame a wild horse and make a rope out of its mane and tail, and then go find a bear and lasso it just to prove that she could----laughing the whole time.

If women were the inventors, they would make minivans. Men make 4 wheel drive vehicles and then modify them so they will stand higher and drive faster. They will even put a winch on the front so they can traverse places meant only for alligators and mountain goats. Men fly to the moon, climb treacherous mountains, fight wild beasts, challange each other at any sport, and laugh with hilarious delight the whole time. They like to play or watch games where they knock each other down, just to prove they can. Everything they do must end with a testosterone driven climax. And they think we ladies are hard to understand! A woman can do about everything a man can do, but it is always the men who invent it and then eventually invite the ladies along just to make it more interesting. Testosterone again!!! A few ladies will always step out and play the mens games, trying to prove a gender point. The men don't need a point to prove; they just need to vent. Men are different, we must face it.

Thankfully, men and women were not created alike. Men were created with traits that I do not want as part of me!!! But, when I married, it was of course, to one of these strange male creatures with those wierd traits. When we ladies discover traits in a man like sensitivity, spirituality, and understanding, we are thrilled, because they contrast so starkly with the many coarser and visible traits that so strongly drive his nature. After all, having a nature to subdue all things, he likes best, a woman who will give him a token struggle and then surrender totally to his wit, charm, and strength. He must thoroughly conquer. It is a battle I always enjoy losing, I like to be conquered by my man, that is the way I am created. Think about it ladies, if we are created that way, why, do it any other way? We will fall into this createdness, if we but, allow it.

The Woman Deceived...

When Adam was created and placed in the garden, Lucifer, the fallen cherub, was jealous of Adams position as master of the renewed planet. Lucifer, having become the devil, had previously made himself the enemy of god and his program. He did not want God to be successful at replenishing the earth. From the very beginning, it was in the devils dark heart to lure Adam into disobeying his Creator. Satan would make Adam into the same rebel that he himself had been for such a long time. but satan did not approach Adam. He waited and watched....

When God finished Adam, he gave the job of naming all the animals to him. He commanded the first man not to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and he told him to subdue the earth and have dominion over the animal kingdom. His principal job was to dress and keep the garden(Gen. 2:15). So, even before Eve was created, Adam was a full grown man, firmly rooted in his relationship with God and fully engaged in his lifes work.

Adam was alone for a period of time as he attended to his vocation and obeyed the command of his Creatos. In going about the task of ulfilling his duties, he became aware of a need that he could not define, even though he observed it daily in the male and female behaviour of the animals. He was lonely. He had no one with whom to share his conquests. God, in watching Adam, said, "It is not good that the man should be alons; I will make him an help meet for him"(Gen. 2:18). In time, God put Adam to sleep and took a rib from him to make of it a woman to be his helper and to meet his needs.

Satan could have tempted this lonely man at any time, for he had no knowledge of good and evil. But satan waited---waited for the created weaker vessel. "For Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam wasnot deceived, but the woman being deceived was inthe transgression"(1Timothy 2:13-14). Satan knew that the man co uld not be deceived, but, the woman could. Hmmmmmmm....it WAS us!!! So, when she drew near to the tree, he convinced her that life would be better if she sought the higher state of being "like the gods"---gaining spiritial insight into the nature of good and evil. Eve was deceived in 3 WAYS:

1. She followed her flesh in desiring the tree for its food properties.

2. She succumbed to its beauty, desiring it for its pleasant appearance She did not follow logic, she follower her "sensibilities."

3. She wanted "deeper" spiritual insights than those provided by God.

the source of Eve's failure was her UNWILLINGNESS to believe God and her husband.

Do you do this? It is misery when we step out of this protection. Oh, God will let us, but, we will reap the consequences, a marriage that is the pits, and maybe not that bad, but, not quite right. Our hearts will take the lead, and our DHs will let us(most anyhows), and we will also take the consequences for that. Ladies lets follow, follow, follow...God can and Will show you the right path to take if you will but listen.

She was meant to be Adams helper, but she helped herself to Spiritual knowledge and acted independently, becoming his downfall instead of his helpmeet.

Why did satan avoid Adam and approach Eve with his offer of greater spirituality? Lucifer is a male being(Isaish 14:12-20). He understands the natural resistence of the male. He knows males say "no" just to prove they are in command. But Lucifer could see this soft, sweet female was vulnerable. God had made her by nature to be responsive, and she trusting and naive. Being willing to rationalize, she could be deceived---having the best of intentions.

In my mind, I picture the man being created heavily armoured. His armour is helpful both Spiritually and physically. God loaded him down with resistances, giving him a nature that is doubtful, skeptical, forceful, and pushy(for the most part). God knew that in order for man to survive, and even prosper, he would need a natural armour that would drive him to keep pushing against the odds, while enjoying the challange. God knew that satan was a liar and the master of deceit, so he crated in man a questioning about things. Mans objectivity and lack of intuitiveness make him appear less spiritual than the sensitive, female. As a general rule, man is ruled more by his mind than the female, who is goverened more by her sensibilities.

Picture God, as deliberately creating the woman without this armour, because he intended for her to stand beside her husbands armour. He was to be her covering, her shield, and her protector. Satan was ble to deceive her when she left Adams side and confronted the Devils logic alone. She didn't have the armour to ward off his fiery darts of deceit.

God designed the woman to be sensitive and vulnerable for the sake of the little ones whom she must nurture. The soul of a mother had to be vulnerable, the outer shell thin. She must be quick to feel, hurt. love, have compassion, to take in the broken, and to believe the best. Vulnerability is a womans greatest natural asset and the point of her greatest weakness. A woman CAN become tough and hard, skeptical, and cautious in relationships just like men. She can become guarded and cynical, but in so doing, she is no longer feminine, no longer attractive to a man, and she might even start to not like herself.Unprotected by the covering of her man, she will grow miserable fighting her own battles and trying to survive on equal footing with men.

I find this very interesting.....If we are created this way, and we fight against it, how can we be happy? We will, put on a good face, be happy on the outside, but, to really be happy outside of what God created us.....How can we?

Look at our world today, the same female sexes together..... In their attempt to shed their vulnerability and their not wanting to be what they were REALLY created for....they begin to exhibit traits totally outside their created feminine nature. They lose their beauty and charm, and become very poor "men".(Scripture says this).

I thnk...we will. continue tomorrow, my fingers are tired........

Think on this..Ladies. Gods word is His word, not mine...lets begin to see our man for what God created Him to be and our role where it needs to be.

See you tomorrow.......

Love Terri......

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