Monday, March 23, 2009

The nature of man and woman....Ruth and Esther Profile....

In contrast, God reveals the ideal woman in positive stories about women who honored him. The story of Ruth is about a young girl who had known tragedy, extreme poverty, and hard menial work. Yet, she maintained a thankful and submissive attitude. Read the book of Ruth and see a beautiful example of bold femininity that caused Boaz to love and admire her. Note her willingness to work and her willing obedience to the Scriptural teaching of her aged mother-in-law, Naomi. And lastly, see the wonderful blessing God showered on her in placing her nto the lineage of his only begotten son..

Esther is the story of a Jewish Girl who lost her family and was taken by force to bewcome the wife of an older, divorced, heathen man. She could have asked herself the silly question, "Is he really even my husband? Did I marry the right man?, since he was divorced?" If she had, there never would have been a book in the Bible describing her courage, honor, and fortitude.

She was put(by her husbands decree) in danger of losing her own life and the lives of all her people, the Jews. Yet, she rose above her circumstances and her natural fear, to honor her husband, even as she made an appeal to save her own life, along with the lives of her people.

God has laid down only a few simple rules for women to follow, because they are consistent with our feminine nature and the nature of men. It was Esther's submission to these principles that won the King's love and his appreciation for her as his queen. These 2 women showed themselves womanly and lovable in the midst of extreme circumstances. God honored them with his favor and favor from the men in their lives.

Love to all who read this, May we all apply this to our lives...


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