Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Do you love the world?

We sang this song on Sunday, thought I would share it with you...........
Do you love the world, in its pomp and show?
In it's course of sin will you onward go?
Is the pride of life more than heav'n above?
Will you lose your soul for the sins you love?

Do you love the world, its applause and fame?
Soon twill end in sorrow, remorse snd shame;
Jesus bids you come and redeem your soul
From its awful doom, ere the judgements roll.

Do you love the world? is it dear to thee?
Can it help thy soul in eternity?
Will you choose its way more than godly fear,
Sealing thus your doom, when the Lord is near.

Do you love the world more than Christ who died?
How the blood flow'd free from his pierced side!
When its cost His life to prepar that "place,"
Will you die in sinm and refuse His Grace?

Do you love the world?
Will you selfish be?
When the Lord provides everything for thee?
Can you still refuse?
Will you come and bow?
Give your heart and life to His service now?


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