Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Abundant Waters......

Scripture....John 4:1-10; 5:1-9
In His great plan of salvation, God fashioned all living creatures with a natural dependency upon water. Some species rely on water as an enviroment to sustain them. Others, because their body mass consists largely of water, must frequently replenish the body's water reserves. The importance of satisfying this natural thirst cannot be ignored without serious consequences.
Jesus occasionally spoke of living water. This was an introduction to the Holy spirit whom Jesus promised to send following His ascension to heaven. As water is vital for natural life, so the Spirit provides life for the soul.
Those who receive the Holy Spirit through repentance and conversion find complete fulfillment. Because God's Love is the source of this newness of life, the efects are evident and far-reaching. "He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water"(John 7:38).
When we surrender our lives to the Lord, we become aware of new life beginning in our hearts. The Holy Spirit has entered, and the trickle of water begins to flow. He leads us with gentle promptings and impressions, as well as convictions. Our desire is to be obedient to God and faithful to His word. Our acquaintances observe a change in our lives. The water that began to trickle is now a flowing river that goes deeper and deeper widening to reach out to others. What a privilege it is to be channels through which Gods grace can be manisfested to others.
Multitudes of people appear to be standing on the river bank, desiring the effects of it's water in their lives, yet fearful to take the plunge. Some seem to be content in the shallows: others are unwilling for the crucial step that will sweep them into the current, carrying them to the conter of Gods will and complete reliance upon Him through faith. Why do we resist the abundant waters? Only when we lose sight of the familiar shoreline can we discover new horizons of abundant life.
Satans tactic is to suggerst deeper waters will take us into self righteousness. This is a lie, but it is sometimes a convenient excuae for those who are unwilling for a deeper sanctification and a closer walk with God.
Our hearts are soft at the times when God moves in it. At this point we face a test, will we be obedient or will we just turn off that "still small voice"? Remaining in the shallows(turning off the H.S.), we will remain where we are...but, plunging into the deep river, gives us blessings that only can be found there...not wading, but, plunging....
Where are you in the river of life, wading or plunging?
Lets take Jesus as face value and take the plunge.....
Love to all....

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