Monday, May 4, 2009

Chapter Divine Apointment (last entry).....

Marriage Made in Heaven....
So, is a woman a second-class citizen of the kingdom? Is she to be a subdued, browbeaten servant to the male species? Certainly not! What the Bible teaches will not pur women back in the stone ages, nor will it tuen us into a bunch of women who stayed covered in black.....God does not teach that..for you to be happy---really happy---as I have been happy, you MUST follow and abide in God's role for women.
God has spoken frankly as to why he made us as he did and what our role is to be.
Yet, today others tear apart what God and the Bible teaches and make the average young wife reading these Scriptures feel as though what God has said to her in an insult. I(Debbie Pearl) have spent 35 years counseling, a wife, reading thousands upon thousands of letters, and chalking up my own life experiences, I have concluded that what the Bible says on this subject is ROCK solid truth and it works!!!! I have also seen the reults of bad teaching and teaching against the Scriptures.
My conclusions can be said to be scientifically correct. That is, the "evidence" that leads to my conclusion is reproducible: Anyone can test it and get the same results. The Creator knows best, and HIS way does work. His Word is meant to be taken at face value.
And, when any woman does as I have done, the blessings are incredible!(Just a note from me,Terri, the writer of this blog,, It truly works, my marriage was a wreck, my heart towards my DH was awful [dissrespectful, distainful, hateful and awful!!] but, God saw me really wanting to change and it has totally changed for the good, respect has come to my heart and a genuine love for my DH and also, he for me...ONLY a God who loves me and cares for my marriage could do this marvelous work!!!) I(Debbie) have received thousands of letters from woman who have entered into this wonderful plan for women and their marriage, and they just simply believed and followed and let God do the work in their hearts concerning their place as women. Broken homes, ladies who are church taught, rebellious ladies, and other such things in our world today, have been set free, all learning to honor their men and become good help meets. Marriages that all were made on this earth, remade into Godly good marriages.....Do you know even one couple who says they have a heavenly marriege? I know that the angels in heaven stand amazed at how much a man can love a woman, how he can break down weeping at the thought of how precious she is to him. The reason he loves her so is because she IS precious. She has earned his total adoration and love. She is what God asks of a woman, and the end result is a man who cherishes her beyond anything this world can know.
(LADIES<>>>> this is the way it happened with me, my heart turned upside down, all because I allowed God to reveal to me, "the real me", towards my DH...He showed me how repulsive my disrespect was to Him, and then gave me the tools to go on and change...NO, it WAS NOT EASY!!!!,,,but, so much worth the self control and time to work on it...)
When someone tells you that the Greek doesn't read submit, obey, or silence, just ask that person, "How is your marriage?....Would you say it is glorious?....Will God use your marriage as an example to show others how He wants a Marriage?"
Those who change the Word of God concerning a woman being a helpmeet do so because they don't know the wonder of a marriage made in heaven like I do.
If you want what I(Debbie Pearl and I, Terri) and thousands of other women have, then you must follow the plan the way God wrote it in the Bible. It simply will not work any other way....


God set up a chain of aommand, first in Heaven, and then again here on earth. When you do not honor that command, you dishonuor God, and apart from repentance, you can expect to reap the sure consequences.
"But, I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of every woman is the man: and the head of Christ is God"(I Cor. 11:3). Don't question Gods chain of command, and don't attempt to break any of its links.
Make a new habit....
Start thinking and acting as though your husband is the head of the company and you are his secretary. Look for ways to help him in his managerial position.

>Traits of a good Help Meet....
~~She fears God.
~~She believes Gods Word as it is written.
~~She considers her position as a help meet a privileged command.

>Getting serious with God......
Make a list for each day of the week....
MONDAY: Write three new things that you will add to your life that will cause you to become more precious to your husband.
TUESDAY: List three things that you can do that will be a help to him.
WEDNESDAY;: Write down 3 things you can do that will be an encouragement to him.
THURSDAY: Jot down 3 things that you can do to your appearance that you can change, which he is sure to like.
FRIDAY: List 3 things that you can do to your house that will please Him.
SATURDAY: Write 3 things you can do that will make him feel like a man(intimate time together?).
SUNDAY: Plan 3 ways you can respond to him in front of others that will show a heart of respecct and honor toward him.(This here alone will help to change the way he sees you!!!)

This is not easy ladies, but, because of such a change in my heart, it is possible. Without the Lord as ones Saviour, one cannot possibly do this, one needs to have confidence in the Scriptures and God for this to work. It has taken about 2 years for the fruits to show in my marriage, lots of biting my tongue, no remarks back, no attitudes towards him if he did not do what "I "thought He should, and lots of LOVIN" works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You will fail, you will blow it, you will make mistakes, but, God is a God of compassion, and LOVE...He is right there to pick you up, so you can go again...
DONT GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YOU CAN DO IT<<>>>>>>>>>

Love to all who read this...

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