Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday...part 1 of "Why do children rebel?"

Why Do Children Rebel?

When a father does not fulfill his promises........His children get wounded spirits.
When a father does not admit his wrong.............His children lose cxonfidence in his leadership.
When a father refuses to ask for forgiveness.....His children react to his pride.
When a father does not have right priorities......His children feel that he is too busy for them.
When a father is too strict in discipline.....His children have their spirits broken.
When a father gives too much freedom to his children.....His children see freedom as a form of rejection.
When a father neglects his parents.....His children do not honor the cousel of their grandparents.
When a father does not love his wife....His children take up offenses with their mother.
When a father neglects Gods Word....His children neglect the authority of God and the Bible.

The rest of this special, next week.



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