Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Washed in the Blood of the Lamb?

The title may give you questions, Is your heart washed in the Blood of the Lamb?
Rev 7:9-14, 1:4-9, and ;Hebrews 10:29
Is THE blood of THE lamb on the doorposts of your heart?
When we are deliberet in our disobedience to what God has called us to do, that is when it becomes wrong for us....In spite of repeated warnings by the Holy Spirit, Do you still disobey?, and make excuses for not obeying?
Satan would like to rob us of courage in our Christian lives and have us look at bad situations, and bring our courage low. If I can believe I am saved(washed in the blood of the lamb[i.e., born again]), my courage will come back. Satans trick is to make us believe lies, and not obey "The Word Of God"....he makes us think, were ok, to just walk the fence, with one foot in the Word and one foot in the World....

Love to all who read,

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