Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kings and Kingdoms, cont'd.....

Good Morning Ladies, My garden takes more time than one thinks....mowing lawn, having Grandsweeties, and other such, time flies, so here is just a bit for this week,.........

Women feel that they will lose some of their self-respect if they surrender to a man who is less than wonderful. Surrendering your autonomy to another is not for wimps. People say of an obedient women, "Oh, she is just the meek and timid type; she needs to get a life of her own." They know not whereof they speak. This is not a abstract, puzzling doctrine; it's practical and pragmatic. The more I show my husband reverence, the more he treasures me and treats me like his queen. God made a man so that our deference and respect feed his tendency to show tenderness and to be protective of us.
Ladies, this really is true, I have found it in my own life and marriage. My DH loves to "protect " me, but, I have to choose to allow him to do that, by..... reverencing, not only with respect, but, reverence, and being humble enough, that when I blow it, to say, "I am sorry". Not flippantly, but, from the bottom of my heart, and with that making a change. Sounds like a big charge, not?, but, it is possible. I never thought I could have a glorious marriage.... but,,,.....Thanks be to Jesus, it has happened.
First, a heart that is truly, Born Again, Changed, completely the Lords.....then the rest...still submitting to the Lord and DH....
~Oh~!, Ladies, let me encourage you to submit, to the Final Authority, Jesus Christ.

Love from my Heart,


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