Friday, July 17, 2009

Spiritual Armour....

~~~~My DH thought I should post this this morning, so here it is....
~~~~Spiritual Armour
The kingdom of the world is based on untruth. It offers pleasures and happiness, but these lead to wretchedness and poverty of soul and often also of the body.
The kingdom of God is truth. Our spirits should be girded on all sides with this integral part of Gods armour. Truth will identify the sin which has come upon all men, and truth will bring men under conviction. All are lost without the Saviours intercession. Faith leads us to repentance and to the blood of Christ for the remission of sin. "For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ"(1 Cor. 3:11).
The breastplate of righteousness keeps the heart clean and pure. It protects against grace-robbing vices. It enables us to be Christian in deed and not only in name.
A departed church father taught that we are not just saved to be good, but we are saved to be good for something. Having our feet shod with the gospel of peace will radically alter how and where we walk. The doctrines of returning good deeds for evil and going to all the world with the message of salvation will be born within us. Love for the souls of men, willingness for a life of sacrifice, and grace to extend forgiveness to those who despitefully use us will be manifested in our lives.
The helmet of salvation guards the mind. Most sins are preceeded by impure thoughts and selfserving. Evil surmisings and imaginations break down confidence and foster ill will. The Bible instructs us to go alone to our brother with our concerns. This often results in a warm melting together of hearts. Too often this is neglected, and gossip and backbiting result.
Strong holds can be besetting sins of long standing or grave sins that seem to have one hopelessly ensnared. The sword of the Spirit is mighty, working miracles of deliverance when one becomes willing to use it. this sword will cut to the very core of our attitudes and motives in searching out and pulling down strongholds of sin. It enables us to become jyful, new creatures inChrist.
Bible reading, prayer, and spiritual meditation will establish the Word inour hearts. this will provide a strong defense against evil.

Love to all who read this blog....
DH and Terri

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