Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Assignment....

Hello Ladies,
Seems like forever that I have been on here, but, I do so hope this time, my computer is fixed. The whole hard drive had to be wiped clean and a new one downloaded..OH! the wonders of this age...
But, lets move on with our study, still trying to get through,"Created to be His helpmeet"...might take a year or more, but, I do feel it is beneficial to all of us.

The Assignment
Learn to use the kitchens "wonder tool"--the crock pot. This morning I put several frozen chicken breasts and some rice into the electric crock-pot. I added some water, cerery, bell peppers, and seasonings, and turned it on low. When we came into the house at noon, the house was filled with a delicious aroma, and dinner was ready except for a simple salad. After we had eaten, I added some more water and seasoning, which now had only a few bits of chicken and rice with the broth. This simple soup simmered all afternoon, and was the basis for our meal that evening.

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify!!!
Always offer your children only one choice for breakfast...Several options will only confuse the child and make your work more! Choices also give room for argument and discontentment, (children do not have the capacity to think like we adults, therefore, giving them confusion.) Providing the same simple food every morning(exxcept maybe Sunday) causes a child to look forward to getting cereal on that one special morning. It can really help your children to be more Thankful and will bring about a more peaceful morning. A simple, yet filling, meal for the childrens daily breakfast is peanut butter toast served on a paper napkin. Clean up is easy.
If Dad is not home for lunch, then the plan is to have the same basic wholesome food for lunch each day. A crockpot of beans for simple beans and a simple vegetable added for a variety can also be served on a paper napkin.

Next, we will try and have menu for a week, use your creativity, for meals, BUT PLEASE make them simple.
I sometimes wonder if it is WE ourselves that make our "Mothering" job more...complicated....?

Love to all who read....

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