Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday; "Watchman with Conviction"......

In Biblical times, a watchman was someone appointed to stay alert and keep guard over the city. He had 2 main responsivilities: to identify and warn against any danger, and to identify and welcome any friendly traveler approaching the city. The watchman not only guarded the walls and approaches to the city: but also he patrolled the streets to see that all things were safe and secure and that all fires were safely banked or extinguished. How comforting it must have been when a brave and trusted watchman would cry, "It is midnight, and all is well!"
But watchman, what of the ocming night, when mans work will be over? Is everything safe within the city? Are the walls secured? And who is that coming from the East? Are we ready for the midnight cry? "Behold, the bridegroom cometh!" (MAtt. 25:6). Let us awaken and arise to meet Him, for all things are ready!


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