Monday, January 11, 2010

"Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus"(PHIL> 2:5).

Personal shrines....
Many women lack biblical soberness, as seen in the way they treat their houses as shrines to be protected, rather than as spaces inwhich to enjoy their families. They get emotionally upset if the carpet gets messed up or if the children accidentally spill milk on the couch. They become emotional wrecks over their physical surroundings. If you have that problem, let me ask why, how you would feel if your husband provided nothing more than an open barn in which to deliver your first baby? That was the case with Mary, the mother of Jesus. Do you think God could have used Mary to be the mother of Jesus if she had allowed herself to become an emotional wreck when her enviroment was not clean and orderly? Think of the teenage girl, Mary, clinging to the back of a bouncing donkey, contractions pulling at her exhausted body, while her desperate husband searched for a place for her to have her child.
   Many have speculated as to what virtues Mary had that prompted God to choose her to be the mother of our Lord. I can tell you what she was like. She had eternity in her heart. She was self possessed, thoughtful, and was always learning to make wise judgements. When a young woman learns to be sober, she will not live for immediate gratifiction. She will appreciate those things that will last for eternity.

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