Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Reflections on the Chapter.....

Reflection on Sober...
Traits of a Good Help meet..
~~~A good help meet establishes a haven of rest.
~~She will adjust to her husbands time schedule and eating habits.
~~She will realx and enjoy her family, instead of worrying and fretting.

Words God uses to describe a godless woman...
Locate the verses in a concordance, and write them down. Ask God to cause you to HATE any sign of these things in your life. Believe and know that God will set you free.

*Foolish                                        *Brawling                                  *Withut Discretion
*Clamorous                                   *Contentious                             *Wanders from house tohouse
*Simple                                         *Angry                                        *Stubborn
*Knoweth nothing                        *Tattler                                     *Loud
*Like a swine(fat pig)                   *Busybodies                               
  with a gold nose jewel

Getting serious with God....
Think of an occasion in the recent past when you became angry or were hurt because your DH responded in a way that you felt was wrong.  Keep in mind that the other side of the coin of being angry is being hurt. It is one and the same coin,  and it buys the same results: a bad marriage and a strained relationship. How different do you think the end of the struggle might have been if you had kept in your mind that your job was to please your man? Write your own story. First, write the one that ended in a big fight, and next, write the story as it should have ended. Remember, he doesn't have to be right or kind for you to react in a godly way. this excercise will help you see the rationale for honoring your husband in a different light.

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