Thursday, January 28, 2010

More on the tract "Love"...

The difficult things that  life brings us are not an indication that God does not love us. God at times allows us to experience difficulty for our own good. A parent with true love does not always give a child wht he wants, but rather restrains him for the childs benefit.
Love is self-sacrificing, true love seeks the good of others. Love is warm, sympathetic, kind. If we really love, we will care for the present and future well being of those near to us. A loving husband and father will display his affection for his wife and children. He will gladly give and sacrifice of himself to provide an atmosphere of love and well being.
  A wife and mother who truly loves,her husband will respect her husband and will instill in her children a sense of respect and love for their parents and for each other. She will gladly provide a haven of security and tranquility for all in the family.
Christ exemplified love by his undeserved death on the cross of Calvery.

Love to all who read...

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