Monday, February 1, 2010

Frame of reference....

Frame of reference...
A mans concept of marriage is different from a womans. Especially after he has gone without intimacy for a few days. This book is not a "how to" for a man. I will skip his part and deal with the ladies part. God describes marriage as"they two shall be one flesh", which is, their bodies coming together. 
   Many men feel that marriage is not quite what they thought it was going to be. Some men spend their youth dreaming about the wild passion they are going to experience with the one woman they love more than life. It is their expression of the oneness they will have with her alone and her alone. This is truly Gods design for a man in the department of love .
   The man remembers the passinate looks his sweetheart gave him before marriage. He had  naturally assumed that she would always think of him in that all-consuming loving way.
   When they were courting, that is the way she made him feel. He saw it refelcted in her face. All he wanted was to satisfy that hungry anumal he thought she was, and, for a while, she was all he had hoped for; but then
it faded away. She wasnt interested anymore. Her disinterest in him intimately is a reflection of her heart, and he knows it. Ther are a multitude of excuses women use to explain why they would "rather not" or why they "cannot respond" this way. I think  her husband knows in his spirit that all her excuses are just that:excuses for not wanting him.

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Love to all who read...

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