Sunday, February 7, 2010

Frame of reference....

Frame of reference....
Part 11
   When a woman is not interested in his most consuming passion, he feels that she is not interested in him. when a woman just "allows, cooperates, and tolerates," it leaves a man feeling sick at heart. If, to a man, intimacy was just copulation, he would make his deposit and be satisfied, but to him it is intimacy, a merging of spirits, a way of saying "I love you..I need you ...I like you" A mans most basic needs are warm intimacy, approval and admiration. For his wife to be willing but indifferent, speaks of neither sex nor love.
    A woman is a fool to believe her own excuses or to think she can convince  him that what she says  is the truth. Her half hearted commitment makes him feel incomplete and unloved. By not obeying God in this area of intimacy and love, a woman is putting a tererible curse on her husband. When a woman forces a man into that position, it is the equivalent of a man saying to his wife, "You are stupid, ugly, lousy wife, but I will still be a good husband and kiss you today.." A mans wife has more influence on his frame of reference than any other thing or person in life.
   Man is driven to succeed. Hormones drive him to be the best at work, to drive aggresiively, to build the best building, or write the  finest material piece.ressing drive is to be a successful lover.           
Making his wife feel glorious when he touches her is the ultimate test of his manhood---the very measure of the man.
   He cannot view life differentlt; that is the way God made him. He needs a wife, a help meet,
a helper who will meet the need God put in him.
   If a wife does not meet his intimacy and sexual needs, she is a help-not-meet, a helper NOT suitalbe to the task for which God created her.

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